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Winterton Primary School & Nursery

Severe Weather Protocol


It is always lovely to see staff, parents and children playing in snow on the rare occasions it arrives. We truly believe that we should relish and enjoy the changes seasons, and snow is particularly magical. Of course, we need to advise children that the snow is cold, wet and slippery – but they certainly should be allowed to play in it.

Where schools are in partnership, a closure of one site due to failed heating, burst pipe, lack of staff then families should be advised that they may send their children to the alternate site. Staff should report to the nearest Trust school to their home if travel becomes difficult. A sensible, flexible and professional approach must be undertaken by school leaders at all times.

It goes without saying that school leaders must consider the health and well-being of the children, but always start with the ‘how can I’ rather than ‘we are not allowed’. Our view is that ‘there is no such thing as an indoor playtime, just inappropriate clothing’. 

Gritting is also not necessary for playgrounds or outside the school, a small cleared area leading up to the school reception should be maintained through a snowy period. It is the Trust’s expectation that schools will remain open, even if a skeleton provision is in place.

Where school transport is affected, the school should still remain open whenever possible for those families wishing to access provision.

  1. Risk assessment and gritting protocol