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Winterton Primary School & Nursery


At Winterton Primary School, & Nursery whole school assemblies have been developed to encourage all children, irrespective of their faith or culture, to reflect upon our school values by which we conduct ourselves every day. Assemblies take place each week on designated mornings and are designed around themes with messages, which are followed up in class discussions and during timetabled subject lessons.

Our assemblies provide opportunities for teachers and children to discuss subjects that have an impact on behaviour, safeguarding, wellbeing and tolerance in line with supporting pupils spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. Assemblies are also used to embed the teaching of British Values. All acts of collective worship aim to create nurture and sustain a sense of community.

Throughout the year we hold festival assemblies; Harvest and Christmas which are all enthusiastically attended by parents and the community. Other faith assemblies; Chinese New year, Holi, Easter etc. are led by visitors or staff members. Class assemblies reflect both values and learning that has taken place

Our aims:

  • Provide an opportunity for thought, prayer, reflection or celebration in a caring atmosphere

  • Create a sense of school identity and of belonging to a school community which shares common experiences

  • Encompass all aspects of school life, all curriculum areas and reflect the school’s ethos and values

  • Show children that we are members of a wider community, both local and global

  • Encourage care and concern for others in society and the natural world

  • Provide opportunities for children to discuss issues that keep them safe in and out of school.

Promote mutual respect and tolerance of those with different beliefs and faiths as well as deliver clear guidance on what is right and wrong.