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Winterton Primary School & Nursery

Curriculum Overviews

Teachers are highly motivated and want the best outcome for each individual pupil. They work very hard to plan, teach and assess pupils’ learning and expect full co-operation in the learning process from pupils. We expect pupils to challenge themselves in their learning and be determined and persistent in pursuit of their goals. Mistakes are learning experiences and are always treated as such, provided real learning has resulted from them.

Parents have a vital role to play in their child’s learning. We expect parents to foster a love of learning in their children by modelling the learning behaviours which support learning e.g. reading books at home, talking together as a family. Parents can help by showing children the practical applications of the knowledge they gain at school e.g. calculating change when shopping, helping to read a map when out and about. Regular information events are held to support parents in supporting their children.

Winterton Primary School follows the statutory National Curriculum (see link below)

You will find out more information about how we adapt the curriculum for our pupils on the classes curriculum overviews.

If you would like to speak with someone regarding our Curriculum please email